Let me introduce to you one of my favorite websites – Life Goals Mag.  They are an online magazine all about consciously choosing to work towards being the best versions of ourselves that we can be.

Recently, I was asked to write a post for them.  After a brief moment of freaking out, I obviously had to say yes!  I brainstormed a million ideas for a topic, but couldn’t shrug off a question that kept coming up.  Does what we wear have any impact on our day?  I wasn’t sure what the answer would be and couldn’t find any information that really answered the question.  So, I had to find out for myself.  After a three day experiment, I had the answer.  Want to know what I discovered?

Here’s a sneak peak!


I threw my unwashed hair into my signature top knot, and pulled on some jeans and a t-shirt. This is my standard “mom” uniform. With two little kids, gone are the days of sitting in front of the mirror and taking hours to get ready. I no longer scour my closet for that perfect outfit that makes me feel like I can step out and conquer the world. I’m ok with that. I chose to stay home after my second baby was born last year. I figured the mom-iform was part of the trade.

I looked how I felt. Tired. I glanced at my open closet and all of the items that are hardly ever worn these days. Why don’t I ever wear them? Why did I trade them in for something that made me feel less than great? What would happen if I wore my former office attire instead?

The questions began swirling in my head. I tried to brush them away, but they crept into my thoughts throughout the rest of the day.

By the time the kids were in bed, I had to find an answer to the root of my questions. Does what we wear affect how we behave and feel? I know our appearance has an impact on how others perceive us, but what about on a deeper, more personal level? I turned to Google and found a few articles and studies on the topic, but nothing that really answered my question. Plus, all of them concluded by saying, “more study is needed.” I wasn’t satisfied.

If I couldn’t find the answer, I was going to have to figure it out for myself. So, I came up with my own experiment to test my theories. I decided to try out three different looks and record how I felt and my level of productivity throughout the day.

I thought I had a good idea as to how my self experiment would go, only anticipating a minor change in my behavior and mood. I did not expect anything life changing.  They were just clothes after all.  After I came up with my plan, I told my husband I was going to spend the entire next day in my pajamas. “Why?” he asked. “I’m curious.” I replied…

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